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Speaking Test


Tell the students to listen carefully as each question can only be repeated twice. You may adjust your speed as need. You can show them the questions and/or choices. Ask them to answer in complete sentences.

*Note, if you feel that the student is having difficulty listening or comprehending the question you may rephrase and/or repeat it again.


Part 1

Instruction to student: Find the mistake and correct it.

  1. My sister like pizza.

  2. Do you happy?

  3. We are a students.

  4. Are they studying yesterday?

Part 2 
Instruction to student: 
Show the picture to the student and ask them what they can see in the picture.

Part 3

Instruction to student: Please listen and do the following commands. (Imperative Sentences)

  1. Put your left hand on your head.

  2. Stand up, please.

  3. Sit down, please.

  4. Raise your right hand.

Part 4
Instruction to student:  
Create sentences using the words. (Type the words in the chat box)

  1. I, go, to the supermarket - (past tense)

  2. She, like, romantic movies - (present tense)

  3. The children, play - (present progressive tense)

  4. Sarah, go, to the dentist - (future tense)

Part 5: Listening
Listen to what Chris can do. (It will only be repeated twice.)

There are a lot of things that Chris can and can't do. He can't drive a car but he can drive a bicycle. He can't play the piano but he can play the violin. He can't dance but he can sing.

Screen reader support enabled.

QUESTION: What can Chris do? (Give at least 2)

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