Modern Senior Woman

high intermediate
Speaking Test


Tell the students to listen carefully as each question can only be repeated twice. You may adjust your speed as need. You can show them the questions and/or choices. Ask them to answer in complete sentences.

*Note, if you feel that the student is having difficulty listening or comprehending the question you may rephrase and/or repeat it again.


Part 1

Directions: Change the following sentences from Active to Passive voice.

  1. Someone cleans the room everyday.

  2. They bought some books at the library

Part 2 
Use the following words in a sentence.

  1. Because

  2. However

  3. While

  4. Until

Part 3

Instruction to student: 

What are the synonyms of the following words.

  1. day-shift

  2. part-time

  3. empty

  4. anxious

What are the antonym of the following words.

  1. accept

  2. glad

  3. deep

  4. decrease

Part 4
Instruction to student: 
Guess the definition of the following idioms

  1. Learning a new language is not a piece of cake.

  2. I've been working for 12 hours straight, I really want to hit the hay.

  3. Ben is not doing a good job at work. He might get the axe soon.

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