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About us

Positive Tutors is more than a private tutor.

Unlike private tutors and consultants who are unregulated and provide services on an hourly basis and can leave at any time, we’re structured and have many safeguards in place. Our tutors, whom we personally vet for quality, are professionally trained and will work with you on a regular basis.


We believe students learn best with a curriculum that’s purpose-built, more structured than private tutors, and tailored to their specific needs by certified teachers and experts who guide them on their journey.

Online Education

our mission

PositiveTutors aim to provide the best possible tutoring for young people so that they can gain confidence and develop critical thinking skills for the future. We do this by focusing on their individual needs, teaching them in a way that makes sense to them, and motivating their learning.

our method

The Positive Tutors method!


Assessment is the first step to getting the right help for your child. Our Positive Tutors method provides you with an in-depth assessment that allows us to identify each student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, so we can better understand how to help them grow academically

Customized Experience

Our learning path is designed to help students learn better, and faster through a customized experience. Each student will have their own path, specific to their interests and goals.

Teaching Approach

PositiveTutors' teaching approach encourages students to think deeply about concepts, rather than simply memorizing facts. Our methods are designed to help students learn the problem-solving skills and organizational strategies needed for success in any field of study.

Progress and Goals

Students are reassessed throughout the year to ensure they are on track to achieve their learning goals. This information is used to determine whether the student is ready to move into the next objective and standard, or if additional practice materials will be needed before progressing.

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