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Be a Positive Tutor

Join our team of experts, educators and positive individuals.

how we do

Positive Tutors aims to provide long-term and sustainable earning opportunities for our tutors. We take care of our team by giving competitive hourly compensation, administrative support and a close, positive community of educators. Applicants are screened thoroughly not only by assessing technical qualifications but also evaluating tutors' work etiquette and character.

who we are looking for

We are looking for skilled, reliable and collaborative tutors who are excited to be a part of our growing company.

Being a Positive Tutors means that you are able to work with other tutors, with the academic department and with the administration. We value and recognize our tutors' contributions, suggestions and leadership.

Business Team


A Positive Tutor must be experts in the ability to adapt to different types of students. They must know which teaching styles to use in different learning abilities and how to positively affect student's attitude in learning.


We expect our tutors to be committed to all their classes. They must be prepared for every class and always show up for their students.


Positive Tutors recognizes and values tutors' contributions, suggestions and leadership. We believe that to be successful, we must take help from those who are experts in the field -- our tutors.


We believe that tutoring and teaching are one of the most important professions in the world. A Positive Tutor presents and displays themselves as professionals through work etiquettes aligned with the company's policies.

A Positive Tutor is a mentor.

what to expect

Because students choose the best tutor in their trial period, they will be booking regular, repeated classes with only one tutor. This means that you will be responsible for the progressive learning of a student for the rest of their subscription with us.

High Performance = High Pay

Students and parents stay and keep booking tutors that keep them learning, improving, positive and happy. How much bookings you get will depend highly on how happy our students and parents are with you and your tutoring.

Communication is key.

Positive Tutors work with parents and students in a collaborative and professional way. You will be responsible in regularly meeting with parents/students in terms of progress reports, recommendations and important updates about their learning journey with you.

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