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how the platform works

Student Guide

Your guide towards your learning journey with us.

How to use your plan.

Purchasing a plan means subscribing to a total number of classes for a month. Here are some things to remember!

Total Sessions

Each plan has a total number of sessions you can book in a month. It decreases as you use them up!

Under "My Subscriptions", you would be able to see the type of plan you have and how many sessions are remaining.

Rescheduling and Cancelling a Class

You may reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before your class. Otherwise, the class is considered final and paid for.

Make changes under 
My Bookings

Booking Classes

From the date of your purchase, you have 30 days to use up your credit (total number of sessions). You can book only one session at a time. Classes are listed under "My Bookings".

You can book classes 36 hours ahead.

How to Use YourPlan

Contact your tutor.

Reach out to your tutor, say "Hi!" and open the lines of communication with them! On your chat box, search for your tutor's name by typing "Tutor (First Name of Tutor)"

Example: "Tutor Jasmin"

Contact You Tutor


Here's what to expect.


Initial Discussion

In the first 10 minutes of the class, parents/students must be present to talk with the tutor.

The tutor will ask for important information that will help them with the trial class.


Initial Assessment

The tutor will be assessing the initial level of the student through short tests.

After the assessment, a sample class will be done with the student.



Class Summary

Before the class ends, the tutor will present a brief summary and feedback about the sample class.

Tutor will have a plan on how to execute the next classes to address the student's needs.

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Book More

If you are satisfied with everything, go on and book more classes with the tutor to reserve their schedule.

If you need any help, contact Positive Tutors Admin.

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Trial Class Guide
Online Study


After your trial period, parents and students are now subject to more regular, recurring classes. Click below to learn the daily "to-do's" as a student of the platform.

Regula Classs


For classroom-related questions, contact your tutor. For Admin help: invoice, schedule, technical problems, please contact Positive Tutors Admin in the chat box. Make sure you are logged in to your account for the system to recognize you.

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