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4949 E Van Buren St SUITE 60144, Phoenix, AZ 85082, USA


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  • What platform do you use to conduct your classes?
    All classes are online and are conducted through Zoom!
  • How much are your classes?
    We have classes starting from $6.99 class and monthly plans starting from $99.99. Please check "Plans and Pricing" tab for more details!
  • What are your classes?
    K-8 School Support: Math and English English as a Second Language: Kids, Teens and Adults Test Preparation: TOEFL and IELTS English for I.T. Job Interview
  • How long is a class?
    For ESL and Test Prep Classes 25 minutes or 50 minutes For English for IT Job Interviews 50 minutes For K-8 School Support 25 minutes 50 minutes
  • How do I start?
    We'd love to get you right on board! You may Book trial classes first before purchasing a plan or Purchase a plan right away and book discounted recurring classes! Back to Home Page
  • What is your curriculum comprised of?
    For ESL, Positive Tutors provide parents and students a syllabus that matches their needs and level. For K-8 School Support, students are recommended to share their school materials and home work with tutors. This way, tutors are able to help them in their specific school support needs. For English for I.T. Job Interviews, tutors will personally guide you through exercises, job interview questions and tips to pass your job interview!
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