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New Tutors' Integration


Hi, Tutor! We are excited to have you in the company! Please read instructions carefully and thoroughly.

Step 1


zoom account

In case you don't have one yet, please create a Zoom account.

Paste your Zoom Details below.

Success! Your Zoom Link was successfully submitted.

You will be using your personal Zoom account for your classes. Your link is automatically uploaded to your staff profile and sent to your students.

sTEP 2

new tutor's details

Please fill out the needed information.

Please upload your Profile Picture (this will be uploaded on the site).

Upload Image

sTEp 3

tutors' timesheet

This timesheet would act as your personal and secondary record for salary computation and cross-checking.

  1. Copy the document to your own Google Drive

  2. Edit the document title and details as needed.

  3. Share the link with

sTEp 4

BANK details

Send the account details of your Local Bank Account here.
REMINDER: Bank Account must be under your name.

Bank Account Details

Cut-off 1 to 15 Salary: Sent on or before 21st
Cut-off 16 to End of Month: Sent on or before 6th of next month.

sTEp 5

Accept invitations

Email of invitation to access your booking calendar will be sent to you in about 24 hours. Please accept the request .

Please wait for an email for the second stage of integration.

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