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Exploring Online Tutoring Platforms: A Pricing Comparison

In the dynamic world of online tutoring, choosing the right platform can significantly impact a student's learning journey. Today, we'll delve into the pricing structures of Positive Tutors and three prominent competitors in the US market to help you make an informed decision.

1. Positive Tutors

Specialization: Positive Tutors specializes in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) tutoring, providing expert guidance tailored to these subjects.


  • Single classes are priced at $39.99 per session.

  • Subscription plans offer a reduced rate, with costs as low as $18.99 per session for regular users.

2. Competitor A

Focus: Similar to Positive Tutors, Competitor A focuses on Math and ELA tutoring across various grade levels.


  • Charges $45.00 per session for single classes.

  • Offers package deals and discounts for bulk purchases or subscription plans.

3. Competitor B

Focus: Provides comprehensive tutoring services encompassing multiple subjects, including specialized Math and ELA programs.


  • Starts at $40.00 per session for individual classes.

  • Offers flexibility with pricing based on the duration and frequency of sessions.

4. Competitor C

Focus: Known for interactive tutoring sessions and personalized learning plans in Math and ELA.


  • Begins at $50.00 per session for single classes.

  • Provides customized pricing options depending on tutor expertise and session requirements.


Positive Tutors

Competitor A

Competitor B

Competitor C

Pricing per Class





Deals and Pakages

as low as $18.99 per class

w/ package deals

Offers Flexibility

Custom pricing

Comparison Summary

Price Point

Positive Tutors offers competitive pricing, starting at $39.99 per session and dropping to $18.99 with a subscription, making it a cost-effective choice for regular tutoring needs.


While Positive Tutors focuses specifically on Math and ELA, Competitors A, B, and C may offer broader subject coverage but at varying price points.

Value Proposition

Each platform emphasizes quality tutoring, with differences in pricing reflecting their respective service models and target demographics.

Choosing the right online tutoring platform involves weighing factors beyond just cost, including subject specialization, teaching methodology, and overall value for money. Positive Tutors stands out with its affordable pricing structure, specialized focus on Math and ELA, and commitment to delivering high-quality educational support.

Whether you're seeking supplementary assistance or intensive tutoring sessions, Positive Tutors strives to provide a reliable and effective learning experience tailored to meet your academic needs.

Which factor do you consider FIRST when choosing a tutoring platform?

  • Pricing

  • Tutor Expertise

  • User-friendly Platform


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