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The student's online life.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Whether it's learning English or Math or even dance, learning on a screen would always get to a disengaging point. There would inevitably come a time that we'd get sick of sitting at home -- in our pyjamas -- learning about sentence construction and reading comprehension.

Have you asked yourself, "How many hours have I spent looking at a screen since the lockdown?" Let's say that in a day, you have 6 hours worth of online school work, 2 hours of social media and another extra hour for other things. Then for the past year you've spent an estimate of over 3,240 hours in front of a screen. That's 135 days! That's almost 40% of your day spent in front of a screen and away from personal connections.

Here in Positive Tutors we understand this struggle that is special among our students. We understand that social and human connections are necessary for an effective learning system no matter what kind of learner you are. Our platform, although online, makes sure that our student-teacher relationships are valued with the highest priority to enable students to still have the experience of connecting with real and genuine people in this online platform.

Positive Tutors allows their students to choose their tutors in a whole course whom they would connect with and create a familiar and comfortable environment of learning. Our tutors are equipped with engaging teaching techniques that are sure to keep the attention of both our young and adult learners. Materials range from games, stories, film-viewing and many diverse lesson plans tailored to our learners' individual needs. We may be in the comfort of our homes but we are barred from the beauties and learning opportunities of social interaction. This struggle is evident BUT can be eased with the proper system. We hope that here in Positive Tutors, we can relieve this struggle and fashion a positive venue for English learning.


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