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Student Level

Elementary and Middle School Students

About this guide

In Positive Tutors, our tutors must be ready to help our students wholistically

  1. from the TRIAL CLASS: win the student's trust and heart

  2. To their FIRST DAY with you: guide them through our rules, standards and expectations

  3. Up to their REGULAR CLASSES: continue learning, track progress and update parents to keep them happy with you and book more classes.

In this guide, you will be guided through all the steps, tools and rules in this process.



Before the class:

  • check your Booking Calendar for student's details: name, what they want to study

    • if you don't see details, please message Positive Tutors Admin on the chat box


Step 1:

"On time's late, early's on time!"

Be at your Zoom link 5 minutes before the class. Students know to be there 3 minutes before the class.


Step 2:

Start Positive (2 mins.)

When the class starts make sure that the parent is there to build rapport with both them and the student. Thank the student and parent for booking you and enourage them to continue their subscription.

Give them a positive quote of the day from this link.


Step 3:

Trial Class Introduction (5 mins.)

  • Introduce yourself to the student and parent.

  • Explain that this trial class will help them choose the best tutor for the rest of their subscription.

  • Have the student and parent introduce themselves


Step 4:

Gauging (7 mins.)

  • Ask the parent about their

    • Goals: why do they want to get tutoring

    • Expectations: What do they need? School review? or advanced learning? Homework help?

  • Assure them that all of these goals are possible in our platform and with you as their tutor.


Step 5:

Initial Assessment and/or Sample Class (30 mins.)

You may ask the parent to leave the class for a bit.

  • You may use your own prepped material or

  • Use Writing Materials and Books


Step 6:

Class Summary and Recommendation (10 mins.)

Ask the parent to come back

  • Give feedback to the parent and student about the sample class

  • Entertain questions from the student or parent

  • Recommend YOUR PERSONAL plan for the child and reiterate how you could help them achieve their goals.


Step 7:

End Positive (1 minute)

  • End with the same positive quote from the beginning of the class.

  • Ask the student to submit feedback from your class.

  • Re-introduce your name and say your goodbyes.


Step 8:

Submit Lesson Summary

First Day of Regular Class